DeSean Jackson is a wide receiver who normally plays some very good football. Last season he didn’t play so well, but since he got paid (obligatory “JACCPOT” reference) hopefully he’ll play much better.

If you enjoy spending time using social media, you can find him on Twitter. Following him can be a bit of an adventure. Generally you have no idea what he is saying (or tweeting, as the kids say), other times he is just spouting off some feel good or inspirational statement. But if you asked me whether or not he actually wanted to be on Twitter, I’d heavily weigh the question for less than a second and respond with “no.”

Someone, an agent or what have you, suggested/forced/cajoled him into signing up for Twitter. “It’s a great way to connect with Eagles fans!” or “Everyone’s doing it!” he was told. DeSean begrudgingly agrees.

So last night that agent or what have you asked DeSean to tweet a canned statement about the ESPYs and hilarity ensues:

It was even funnier when half the NFL tweeted variations on the same thing.

Maybe Evan Mathis or Jason Kelce can show him (or his agent) how to use this thing. And we like DeSean when he’s being himself, even if we don’t understand most of what he’s talking about, so no more canned tweets.

(Thanks for the shout out, USA Today.)


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