Once I ran a blog called “The Sound of Philly” where I wrote about Philadelphia sports teams. I had some fun with it, I met some cool folks, and some of them wrote for me, but after some time, I realized it wasn’t very good. I also used to run a blog called “Exitfare,” which was mostly about indie rock. That was marginally better. At least it got me featured in the Boston Globe (print edition!) and invited to speak on some panels about blogging and what it all means to be a blogger.

But I’ve recently come to the realization that I need one home. And hopefully that’s what this will be. One home for the music, Philly sports, sports in general, rants on Arsenal, and random Philly tidbits and stories. Alas, The Sound of Philly is reborn.

I may post every day (not likely) or weekly (more likely). If you’re not interested in the music, come back for the sports. If you’re not into sports, come back for the Philly culture musings. If you’re not into any of that, then I really can’t help you. But I promise that things will be interesting. While there are probably too many Philly-centric blogs out there, I’m not trying to be a writer or blogger. I really just want a single place to put thoughts that don’t fit into 140 characters.

I’ll get around to adding links and making the place look nice.


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