It seems to be de rigueur in indie rock circles anymore to claim that a band’s first album is their best work, or that a band can no longer cut it after ending a hiatus. While it’s fair to say that the band’s debut, Silent Alarm, is one of the best albums of the last decade, calling them a once and done band would be an absolute fallacy.

The Pitchfork Elite may not want to admit this, but Bloc Party is one of the best bands that this new millennium has seen. They never been afraid of a challenge, pushing themselves on each subsequent album and dabbling in diverse genres to their heart’s content. Some stuff has worked, and some stuff hasn’t. But after a few years away recharging their creative juices elsewhere, the band has returned with a classic new single “Octopus,” which is indicative of a welcome new direction.

The new album Four will be out on August 20 through French Kiss.


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