The Phillies just wrapped a three-game series with the Dodgers in Los Angeles. I went to games 2 and 3, and not only got to see Roy Halladay in this return from the disabled list, but also a Cliff Lee/Clayton Kershaw match-up today.

The fans were relatively nice as well, except for the ballbag who hoped for the breaking of my neck. How nice! Unfortunately for him, I was able to walk out of Dodger Stadium and return to my apartment on my own power. I was even able to stop at the supermarket. Next time, I guess!

Roy Halladay ponders his victim’s fate

Hunter Pence never met a first pitch he didn’t like

Charlie thinking about the best ways to work six bullpen arms into one inning.

Dodger Stadium at dusk. Phillies batting.

Phils fans taking over the right field corner on Wednesday afternoon.

Chooch teaching Cliff how to say “whatever” in Spanish.

Utley testing out the new knees.

A cat.


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