Every blogger has a different reason for starting a site. Some are college students who want to hone their craft in hopes of becoming a professional writer, some folks just want a place to share their opinions and network with like-minded folks, and others are just fucking around and wasting our time.

The latter definitely encompasses The Philly Phans. While some of the writing on their site is decent, the Phillies and the Flyers are the only pro teams who have received recent coverage. And they just tweet out news culled from beat writers, pass it off as their own, and inexplicably collect thousands of followers. What purpose are they trying to achieve? We don’t need another half-assed site that essentially does the same thing as 10 other newspapers/bloggers.

On their site’s front page, they say that they are a “group of Philly Phans who want to give you the best updates on Philadelphia Sports !” (sic)

They also link to the shitshow that is Crossing Broad, so I guess that tells you something about them.

Tonight they tweeted out a seemingly-sourced tweet regarding an offer to Cole Hamels. I was close to blowing a gasket after reading it.

That’s nice, but a few questions/observations immediately came to mind:
1. If he said this, why wouldn’t it be accompanied by a tweet or an article through CSN? It would be pretty significant news.
2. Why didn’t these “Philly Phans” indicate where Salisbury reported it? If it were on his Twitter page, they could have simply retweeted it so there would be no mystery about its origin.
3. As it turns out, Salisbury never reported this. It was simply speculation on his part that came from an article and an appearance on Daily News Live. You can read the article here. Some people need to learn how to read and listen better.
4. Furthermore, this all just seems like a big play to be the first one to report the “news.” And most people bought into it, retweeting it at will without questioning it’s validity. Wasn’t it obvious that something was fishy when other news outlets didn’t report the news? That’s why someone like FanSince09 can fool so many people with fake rumors. Everyone’s buying into the hype.

Later in the evening, Jim Salisbury sent out this tweet. Although I don’t know if the “offer” rumor originated with the radio station or the blog, but the cat’s out of the bag because someone wanted to get news out there and didn’t think verification was important.

The Philly Phans have yet to answer my question or retract their tweet.

It’s time to put some of these blogs out to pasture.


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