Somehow this year seems oddly nostalgic. With Eagles training camp beginning this year, we’re reminded of years past when this was the main sporting event in the Delaware Valley in the late summers, not a run to another Phillies playoffs appearance. Based on Stubhub prices for tickets at the Bank, the two teams aren’t even close to being on equal footing this year. Despite a win today against the Giants, the Phillies have made last place in the NL East all their own, so it’s all eyes on football.

The venerable Reuben Frank put together a comprehensive official guide for those venturing to training camp this year. It’s really useful, and the resident music snob in the beat writing corps even slid in a cheap shot about some bands who have seen better days. Sorry, Jane’s Addiction and Sheryl Crow (not really, you guys suck).

If you’ve gone in years past, or like me, haven’t gone in nearly a decade, there’s been some changes, some of which are quite good. More bleachers, and most importantly, a big change in the handling of the practices. Rather than waking up early to venture past where the Blue Route ends to see the “real” daily practice at 8am, you can sleep in, knock back a few during lunch, and come up around 2:30pm to watch the main practice, which should be over by 5pm. Just in time to get screwed by afternoon traffic!

If you’re crazy, you can still show up at 6:3oam.

Here’s the full schedule, which includes all of the autograph info as well. No word on when Dave Spadaro will be signing.

Photo lovingly borrowed from here.


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