Kyle Scott is a hack.

One would expect that someone who runs a sports blog like Crossing Broad, an unfortunately very popular sports blog, would have a handle on some basic concepts of baseball. Each year, July 31st marks the end of the non-waiver trade deadline. Then each August almost every team dangles many of their players on waivers, pulling back most of them. It’s a regular thing, one that someone who runs a very popular sports blog (did you know he gets a lot of pageviews??) should know by now. This is anything but arcane.

Too bad he doesn’t have a clue. And when news came out that Cliff Lee was placed on waivers, his first reaction was “Ruben Amaro is a big fucking liar.” Not just a fucking liar, but a big fucking liar! Why did Kyle say this? Because RAJ said he wasn’t shopping Lee, and this says that is in fact shopping Lee. Thus, he totally misses the point of August waivers. And in his typical fashion, when he’s wrong or challenged, his reaction approaches a minor meltdown rather a professional “Yeah, I screwed up” response. It’s probably the most frustrating thing about the kid, besides his questionable taste in fashion.

Thanks to Twiiter.com user @Phylan for saving Kyle’s twitter stream. Most of this was deleted.

And here’s the original article about Lee being placed on waivers. Thanks to @MattParenti for the screencap.

And here’s a link to the “revised” version.

This is some serious tomfoolery from a guy who is supposed to be “spittin’ truth” and be the voice of the Philly fan or whatever. He later made a post about the hilarious Twitter reactions to the waiver placement. We’re all proud of Kyle for finally learning what irony is.

Finally, internet user Chris sums up these hijinks better than I ever could.

If you want to run your own blog, that’s great, but at least attempt to know what the fuck you’re talking about, and when you make a mistake, be an adult and own up to it. It’s really not that hard.



  1. Derek says:

    Hahaha good piece man! Dude is and always will be a hack in his moms basement.

  2. Sean C. says:

    Per article dude.

  3. Sean C. says:

    Great* Wtf

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