East Hundred is no longer a band. They broke up in May of this year.

When I moved back to Philly from New York in late 2004, this band had just come together, and over the following year they started to play out and slowly build up a small, but enthusiastic following. When I moved to Boston for work in July of 2005, they turned into a band I mostly watched from afar, never able to catch any of their gigs. There was also a time where they came close to working with the company I worked for, but that ended up botched by for a variety of reasons, none of which were the band’s fault.

But as I would soon find out, it’s good to separate your work and home life, even if your work is music. East Hundred got to remain a strings-free band for me, one that I got to enjoy without having to worry about any marketing or promotional concerns. It was worry free and fun.

The band on move out day from their Kensington practice space

That separation allowed me to appreciate the growth of the band, who would string together a number of brilliant releases, including the amazing album Passenger, one of the best Philly releases of the past decade. While the band’s brand of moody/fuzzy indie-pop always deserved a much larger fan base, the five members can still be pretty damn proud of every note of music they created over their 8 years together.

To cap off the band’s career, their friend Justin Clowes made a documentary about the band and their history called “Fools, Kings & Queens.” You can watch the trailer below and the entire feature here.


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