I think I first talked to Steve Jacot a few years ago, around the time when my odd obsession with Phillies players fan clubs reached a fever pitch. He, Max (of Fire Eric Bruntlett fame, whose real name is not Dr. Harry Boners), and I eventually came up with a hare-brained scheme to make a Phillies fan Wiki. I’m glad that never happened because, hoo-boy, that would have been a lot of work and it would have taken away precious time from cracking wise on Twitter.

Steve did some writing back in the day for Fire Eric Bruntlett, and these days he can be found doing a podcast for Flyers Faithful, which helped to guide me through another way-too-early Flyers playoff exit this year. He’s also someone who (I assume, that is) knows everyone to suit up for the Flyers in the past twenty years. He probably knows all of the Phantoms, too. But it’s stuff like this that makes lean years bearable, cuz all of the guys aren’t going to be Lindros and Giroux.

I also know that Steve likes some good music, as evidenced by tweets about Ted Leo, so we asked him to the old SOP roundtable to chat podcasting, blogging, a certain Eagles fight song, and rock n’ roll.

SOP: Tell us about your blogging and podcasting pursuits. What drives you to spend your spare time talking about the teams that will invariably let us down?

SJ: I’ve tried blogging about Philly sports for years, between individual efforts like Punadelphia or group efforts like Fire Eric Bruntlett. Flyers Faithful is my first real dedicated effort to the cause and I’ve been having a blast with the site. I’ve always loved talking about the Flyers, even though they haven’t won a Stanley Cup in my lifetime. I tend to stick to the humorous/absurd side in my blogging efforts, which works for the Flyers as they seem to always have something entertaining associated with them (currently being goaltender Ilya Bryzgalov).

As far as podcasting goes, I was a broadcasting major in college and am not currently in the industry, so podcasting helps scratch that itch. I love doing it. It just seems to come naturally to me. Having an excellent podcast partner in Hal Greenblatt helps a lot as well. It’s a lot of fun to put together.

I joined Flyers Faithful back in January when Marcello, owner of the site, asked me if I would be interested in contributing. I decided that I was finally going to do a podcast as I had been plotting to do for a while (I had a short lived Eagles podcast called Flipping The Birds previously but no other attempts). I asked people on Twitter if they’d be interested and figured I’d try people on a week by week basis until I found a regular co-host. I ended up using Hal the first week and didn’t have to look any further.

As far as creating it goes, I had the option of doing it all myself and posting it to the site or doing something like BlogTalkRadio. I decided on recording it myself and posting it later, as I have the power to edit it and I feel the audio quality is better.

Basically, I’m the creator, producer, and host of the show.

SOP: You’ve gained a reputation as someone who seems to know every Flyer of the past 20 years. Who are some of your favorite “forgotten” Flyers and why?

SJ: I don’t know if he’s been forgotten necessarily but Shjon Podein is a guy that sticks out for me that you don’t hear about every day. He was a scrappy player and hard worker, the kind of guy that Philadelphia loves.

An odd one is Mike Maneluk. He was one of those players who tore up the minors initially but just couldn’t catch on with the big club. I remember watching him during his time with the Flyers’ minor league club, the Philadelphia Phantoms, and really wanted him to succeed. He played on the Lindros-LeClair line a few times in his time here, but was just never able to cut it in the NHL ultimately.

And the last one that I need to mention is Darren Rumble. Just because his name is Darren Rumble.

SOP: Let’s talk about music at the sports complex. How do you feel about the Flyers switch to “DOOP” for goals? If you don’t like it, what would a more appropriate song be?

SJ: I’ve gotten used to DOOP but I’m still not a huge fan of it as their goal song. This is probably due to my distaste for techno (intro to my podcast notwithstanding). I really enjoyed Pennywise’s “Bro Hymn” for a while as the goal song. I’d like to see them go back to something heavy for the next one. Hard rock and hockey just go together really well. Maybe some ’80s Metallica like “Creeping Death” or punk of some sort.

SOP: Some of the guys on the Phillies have good walk-up tunes, others not so much. Which guys need to make a change?

SJ: I always enjoyed Chase Utley using “Kashmir” and Shane Victorino using “Buffalo Solider.” Maybe that’s just me being a fan of the classics. I wish Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Howard could find something iconic to play for their at-bat music. They seem to go with whatever the rap trend of the year is. Would it kill them to work a little Run-DMC in there? I’m just saying Ryno, “King of Rock” is a pretty badass song.

SOP: Speaking of songs, is there anything worse than fans who sing “FLY EAGLES FLY” at non-Eagles games?

SJ: It’s amazing that we live in an era where you can go to a Phillies game and don’t expect to hear an Eagles chant (although I may have spoken too soon with the season the Phils are having). It’s stupid, it’s obnoxious, it should never be done.

SOP: Last question: what’s been on your iPod/Spotify/Pandora/whatever playlist lately? What is one new album that people need to buy?

SJ: I’ve been listening to the Black Keys a lot lately. They’ve got a cool, older sound to them that I appreciate. I’ve also been on a huge Decemberists kick for the past year or so. It’s nice to see a band that can still put together a complete album and have a theme for it to boot.

I’m terrible with recommending newer music for people to buy, but I did enjoy the latest Shins album, Port of Morrow, that they released back in March. The Shins always do quality work and it’s great to see them get back in the game after so much time had passed since Wincing The Night Away.

Shjon Podein photo lovingly borrowed from the Minnesota Hockey Journal.


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