Normally I wouldn’t post on something like this, especially since Deadspin picked it up earlier today, but I couldn’t help but comment on a few things (list time!):

1. This reminds me of the hijinks my college friends and I got into in the 700 level at the Vet.
2. Who the hell falls asleep at a baseball game?
3. I follow @lexuhbooz, the Twitter dot com user who took the photo, and you should too.

It’s easy to say that everyone should have been paying attention to the game today because, hey, the Phillies won! Where’s your team spirit? But don’t forget that things looked dire more than once, especially after the Phillies fell behind 7-4. Backup catcher Erik Kratz and his timely 3-run HR was the only reason the game made it to extras and fans could leave happy (well those who didn’t leave after 8 innings).

By the way, Kratz is from Telford. Local boy done good!


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