While growing up around West Chester and attending WCU in the ’90s and into last decade, a lot of my friends were in bands. Some good, some bad. Some of them fizzled out after a few months, others went on to much bigger things. While Raccoon was around for a few years, playing some of the better gigs around town, they never got the recognition that they deserved.

I’m sure there were some Rex’s shows thrown in there, but the ones I remember the most happened at Fennario and Sykes. Always packed, always fun – the perfect atmosphere for their weird and skewed “schizophrenic pop.” While their influences were all over the place, the sound generally settled in the ballpark of Pavement, Talking Heads, and the Beatles. After an album, an EP, and a brilliant split with the Teeth, the band called it quits.

Although I’ve seen Raccoon described as a precursor to Dr. Dog, as both bands shared Toby Leaman and Scott McMicken, I guess that’s a little misleading since the two bands’ existences overlapped, with the latter group being the side project until Raccoon disbanded (maybe around 2002?).


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