Good morning, folks. Going to try a short, themed playlist every Monday via Spotify, mostly because I think everyone’s using that anymore.

The playlist name should probably be called “Forgotten Delaware Valley indie” since a couple of these guys weren’t from the city, although even that’s a misnomer since Suddenly, Tammy! was from Lancaster. But whatever, I threw them in here anyway.

Here’s a little breakdown of the playlist:
1. Suddenly, Tammy! “Lamp”: Indiepop trio with keys, bass, and drums. Sounds nothing like Ben Folds Five. This is off of their first album, release by spinART, who eventually went out of a business.
2. Haywood “Devon Lanes”: Good band in the vein of Superchunk and Modest Mouse. Their last album, which nabbed an 8.2 on Pitchfork, had the distinction of coming out on the same day they announced their break-up. Sad trombone.
3. The Capitol Years “Supper”: This band probably isn’t as forgotten as I thought they were, but they were still another group who were always on the brink, yet could never quite get there. Head songwriter Shai Halperin is now performing under the name Sweet Lights.
4. Apparatus Engine “Allies”: Math rock guys from West Chester. Totally the nicest guys ever. I have no idea what they’re up to these days. This tune is from a comp, but they also did a LP on Creep Records and a self-released split with Downingtown nice guys Last Place.
5. Lefty’s Deceiver “Harbour Sound”: The first time I heard these guys, I was hooked. They had a good buzz in the city, but like the Capitol Years, never quite got the audience they deserved. Ed Hogarty also played in the Bigger Lovers, which featured Brett from the massively underrated and missed (by only me, probably) Moped.



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