[Photo credit: The 700 Level]

This past weekend was alumni weekend, which is always fun for everyone. All of the old faces come back to town, Larry Andersen probably takes them out to all of their favorite watering holes, and Mike Schmidt gets a little crazy by awkwardly shooting hot dogs into the crowd.

Speaking of the Schmitter, Twitter user Feels Goodman dug up this radio gem (embedded below) that I had forgotten about. To set the scene, Harry Kalas and Schmidt are sitting in the booth shooting the shit, and at some point golf comes up. And well, I think the words came out wrong.

Maybe this is why my uncle always told me Schmidt wasn’t a good guy, and I shouldn’t look up to him. Then he would prattle on about him not being a hard worker while waxing poetic about the Flyers.

“Michael Jack, how’s your golf game?” “Pretty good, Harry. I’ve been beating the hell out of my wife.” Kalas laughs. “At golf, I hope.”

Cover photo lovingly borrowed from Doug Benc/Getty Images


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