It’s about fucking time.

Much-heralded but almost forgotten Manchester weirdos Egyptian Hip Hop have finally announced a release date for their debut album. Good Don’t Sleep will be out on 10/22 through R&S Records, and you can pre-order the thing now. Do it before they change their minds. You can listen to the first single “SYH” now, which is also available on iTunes.

The wait has been annoyingly long, like waiting for the sophomore album from Tom Vek. And by the time Egyptian Hip Hop released the EP Some Reptiles Grew Wings, quite a legend had grown around them. Pitch-perfect futuristic pop songs. Ramshackle, anything-goes shows. And, of course, the debut album that was going to change the face of music. With tracks like “Rad Pitt” and the hear-it-once-and-it’s-stuck-in-your-head-for-days “Moon Crooner,” it was easy to see why.

But we waited and wait, some of us being very patient, while others (like myself), would leave snarky comments on their Facebook page. Their best retort to me after I asked them when they would release their debut album was “When it’s ready.”

I’ll try not to overhype the album too much in my head. If you need to catch up, here’s some of the band’s videos.



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