I’ve been an Arsenal fan for 12 years, mostly brought into the fold by the brilliant play of Thierry Henry. Coupled with having no MLS team in Philly until a few years ago, I’ve developed into a pretty big Gooner.

Suffice to say I’m annoyed that Robin van Persie took the money and went to Manchester United, the side he feels is best fit to win a championship now. That’s his prerogative, and to be completely honest, I’d probably do the same thing. But that’s the whole career vs. fandom debate angle. He’s had an injury-riddled career, and maybe he’ll break down four matches into the season for Man U. If anything, I’m probably the most annoyed at having to start my Arsenal season preview over, knowing full well that he was probably going to leave anyway.

Now I know Piers Morgan is a big Gooner, and as a Brit, he probably has more right to the team than I do. But his incessant whining and fanning the flames of anger about the club has gotten downright annoying. It’s a sentiment shared by many Arsenal fans I’ve met on both sides of the Atlantic.

Tell us how you feel, Piers!

As a level-headed fan, it’s pretty hard for me to get really upset about this. I would have loved to see RVP remain a Gunner, but following sports is supposed to be fun, and if I spent all of my time bitching about him being “trader to are city,” I wouldn’t be having much fun.

Piers, loosen up a bit and look towards the future. The team has Theo Walcott, Jack Wilshere (if he returns from the dead), Gervinho, Olivier Giroud, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Lukas Podolski, and more. Looks like a bright future to me. The whining isn’t a good fit, buddy.

OK, this one is funny


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