Steve Jeltz was not a very good major league baseball player and he played on some very bad Phillies teams. His career .210 batting average with 5 home runs is nothing to write home about. Although he hit 40% of his career homers in one game.

But I still love the guy. I have my reasons, and maybe I’ll talk about them one day, but they mostly have to do with youthful nostalgia and summertime boredom. You know, the normal kid stuff.

A few nights ago I made a comment about Jeltz on Twitter – nothing negative, of course, and resident Twitter dot com prankster and official unofficial Jeltz fan club member @cranekicker clued me into the following link. I’m not sure if this is for real, or just your run-of-the-mill internet trolling.

I was aware that Jeltz had ended up in rural Kansas as a contractor, but outside of that, he was essentially fodder for a “Missing Persons” segment on Unsolved Mysteries. The comments on the We Should Be GMs post hint at something a little crazy, what with an exchange about an illegitimate son and someone even claiming to be his son. The comments seem a little suspect to me.

Finally, someone named “Robadabado” chimes in with this doozy:

He does live in Norton Kansas. He is a crack head trying to rip off as many fans as he can. He treats his 82 year old father like shit-hates on his fans cause they don’t send him money-and has turned his back on every single person close to him. I can get his eldest son’s number for you Karen. E-mail me at radgirl1999@yahoo.com. This man is a LOSER. Fans beware!

Say it ain’t so, Steve!



  1. dan says:

    i would send Jeltz all of my money

  2. Phillip says:

    Robadabado has it about right…. He shoulda been an actor cause he had a lot of people fooled by his B.S.

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