It was easy to write off Dog is Dead as your typical indie rock buzz band being marketed through the major label machine. Between the heavy marketing, the press shots playing up their good looks, and the key TV appearances, such as the fifth season finale of Skins, you’d expect them to be just another boring fucking band.

But they’re not.

If anything, they’re like the suave little brothers of Mystery Jets or Vampire Weekend, pushing their brand of weird pop from the inside of the machine. If they play their cards right, they could be one of those groups who are able to stay relevant and interesting while maintaining a large fanbase. It would be a win for all of us.

Their debut album, All Our Favourite Stories, is out October 8th in their native UK. No word on a US release, but if you like it enough, just grab the think off of Amazon UK or 7digital. They have a few singles out now, and you can get the Talent Show EP for your e-mail address on their official website.


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