I appreciate that Rosemary get to the point. There’s no 5-page meandering backstory about how the Iranian-Danish duo are breaking new ground or some such PR agent assembled screed, they just provide a simple list. I suppose the only story is the one that is weaved by the listener from listening to the music, and perhaps that lack of pretension is very much a good thing.

So here’s that list. Connect the dots on your own.

1. Rosemary is a Danish/Iranian duo making electronically based music.
2. Rosemary is the Iranian singer Sahar and the Danish producer Lasse.
3. Sahar grew up in the golden Tehran, Iran. She fled to Denmark at the age of 5.
4. Lasse grew up in the suburbs of cold Copenhagen, Denmark. He makes films as well as music.
5. Rosemary was formed in 2009.
6. Rosemary released their debut EP “A Persian Tale” December 2011.

You can download the group’s EP for free from their home page, which is linked above. The music is unlike anything else I’ve heard in the past year.


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