As was the case last year, the Phillies at-bat and pitching warmup songs are particularly bad. Last year the internet’s Weems let me talk about some of them, but this time around I’m going to do it from my own home base. No fancy Photoshops though.

Sticking to the theme of five tunes, it was pretty hard to actually find five guys who were using songs I like. Utley and Halladay are using Led Zeppelin, and you can never go wrong there. Kendrick uses what I can only guess is some ass country song (“Barefoot Blue Jean Night”), while Vance Worley reps his NorCal rap homies by rocking E-40 and Celly Cel.

Getting to the playlist, there’s a few tracks here that I actually dig.

We kick things off with Papelbon’s selection, which is “For Whom The Bell Tolls” by Metallica. While I’m not a fan, at least I can sort of respect the band. The best selection here is also a classic at the Bank anymore, which is “In the Air Tonight” (Phil Collins), used by Chooch.

Backup to the backup catcher Brian Schneider loves himself some dubstep apparently, as he strolls to the plate with Skrillex. Good old country boy Cliff Lee loves the Nuge, warming up to “Stranglehold.”

And lastly, Domonic Brown, the hope for our future, loves himself some Goodie Mob, which we can get down with. It’s better than the jam-of-the-moments that Ryan Howard or Jimmy Rollins typically use.


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