The ’90s were a good time to be a music fan, especially growing up in the Delaware Valley. There were plenty of good radio options, like college stations WKDU and the more local WCUR, and of course the commercial guys, like Y100. But before Y100 was DRE, which I would listen to any chance I got, whether it was on the school bus, at home, or even wrestling control of the car radio from my parents. Missing a few Zeppelin or Bad Company tracks didn’t kill them anyway.

WDRE’s signal eventually flipped, so I moved on to Y100, and hearing them play bands like Superchunk and Sonic Youth (late night, at least) quickly made me a fan.

Now Y100 exists as Y-Not Radio, going deeper into the indie racks than DRE ever did. And tonight at Citizen’s Band Park, they’re celebrating their rich history with a joint WDRE-Y100 reunion as part of the Phillies’ ’90s retro night. I talked to station mastermind Josh T. Landow about what we can expect before and during the game.

SOP: Have you guys partnered with the Phillies before? How did the idea for the DRE/Y100 reunion come about, and how did you get onboard with the Phillies ’90s retro night?

JTL: This is the first time that Y-Not Radio has partnered with the Phillies, but of course Y100 had a long history of working with them, so it’s great to rekindle that relationship.

SOP: What can fans expect from the pre-game festivities tomorrow night?

JTL: We have a whole bunch of the old Y100 and DRE crew coming out – Preston Elliot, Bret Hamilton, Matt Cord, Leeann Curtis, Steve Morrison, Marilyn Russell, Dan Fein, Joey O, Mel Toxic, and myself. We’ll be hanging out at McFadden’s from 5:30-6:30 with anyone who’d like to say hi. We have old Y100 Sonic Session CDs to give out to anyone who wears or brings old Y100 or DRE gear. Then before the game starts, mid-90’s mainstays Spacehog will be playing a few songs on the field.

SOP: What are your three favorite albums from Philly bands in the ’90s?

JTL: Gosh, I don’t remember a lot of the album titles, but as far as bands, I’ll go with The Caulfields, God Lives Underwater, and Trip 66. I’m probably blanking on some other good ones.

SOP: And finally, your favorite Phillies player from the ’90s?

JTL: Since I’m not really that into baseball, I will go with Scott Rolen, purely based on the fact that he used to come to a lot of Y100 concerts back in the day.

Y-Not Radio carries on the legacy of great alternative and indie rock in Philadelphia! Created by former Y100 DJ Josh T. Landow and hosted by some of the most knowledgeable and passionate music fans in Philly. Tune in at


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