Good news, you guys. The Eagles defeated the formidable Cleveland Browns last night 27-10, bringing their record to 3-0. Being that preseason results directly correlate to regular season performance, it’s safe to say that the Eagles are on their way to the Super Bowl. I’m so sure of this that I’ve already booked a flight to New Orleans and a room at a local Hampton Inn. Can’t go wrong with their free breakfast and a complimentary copy of USA Today.

So why are the Birds playing so well? Does it have anything to do with other teams running their scrubs out there, like the Patriots? Or that they are playing a team like the Browns, who would have been relegated at least twice if this were European football? Nope! The sole reason for the team’s success has been Nick Foles, who’s already been recognized as one of the greatest quarterbacks in team history, eclipsing guys like Randall Cunningham and Donovan McNabb.

There have even been some folks who are calling him the second coming of the greatest Philadelphia quarterback of all time, Jeff Garcia. While talk of that may be premature, I may be convinced after another preseason game and at least one Gary Barbera commercial.


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