This weekend the Parkway is going to turn into a giant Budweiser ad. Oh yeah, and there’s a festival going on that may draw up to 50,000 people. Despite this being the first ticket-holders-only event along this strip, the city may or may be shelling out a ton of money anyway. Mayor Nutter says this isn’t true, and there will be plenty of benefits to the city.

Oh and if you’re wondering which streets are closed when, this PDF should help you out.

Music begins at 2pm and ends at 11pm on both Saturday and Sunday, and instead of complaining about ticket prices and fencing, let’s talk about who’s playing. And Budweiser.

As is typical with these events, there’s a few big names, there’s some shit, and then there’s the good stuff. Let’s talk about that.

Miike Snow is a band from Sweden, not a guy. They play on Saturday.

Passion Pit has a new record out. I haven’t listened to it yet.

I don’t think she did a video for this one, but holy shit this performance is amazing.

Here’s an early freestyle from Drake


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