Today’s Phillies game in Atlanta is one that’s going to stick with most people for awhile for many of the right reasons, and a few of the wrong reasons as well.

Heading into the game – which inexplicably started at 5:05pm – the Phils had taken two straight from the Braves. Paul Maholm brought his absolute worst stuff to the park, and by the time the Braves finally had their first chance to bat, they were already down 5-0. Things didn’t improve from there, and by the end of the third inning they were in a 7-1 hole.

While this in of itself isn’t that weird, many of the game’s supporting storylines and occurrences were a little odd. Ty Wigginton walked three times and John Mayberry, Jr. had three hits – all by the fourth inning. And then there was the dumbest, most boneheaded decision of the year by Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez.

With two guys on in the top of the third, Michael Martinez sauntered up to the plate with his truly awful .127 batting average in 76 ABs. Yes, the Phillies are carrying a guy on their roster who can only dream about the Mendoza Line. And some of you guys give Dom Brown a lot of shit?

Tactical genius Fredi Gonzales decided to intentionally walk him to get to Cole Hamels. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Cole is a better batter – it’s the actual truth, as coming into the day, Cole was batting .232 in 56 ABs, a clear 100 points higher. What in the fuck is Fredi doing?

Cole made him pay with a ground rule double and two more runs on the board. It may be the moment of the season.

(Click on the image above to view the video)

The Phils took a 7-3 lead into the bottom of the 9th. Things looked like they were a wrap, but then Jeremy Horst could only manage an out before letting two guys on. Papelbon came in for the save, really just looking for a ground ball-induced double play. He never got it.

While he managed one out, he allowed both of Horst’s runners to score, then gave up a walk and a double, one that GRITTY, NEVER DOES ANYTHING WRONG Kevin Frandsen misplayed at third base.

And finally, if this inning couldn’t get any worse, shitbird Chipper Jones was the next guy up. In the most 2012 way possible, Larry launched one of Papelbon’s pitches into the outfield. Braves won 8-7.

What a fucking weird/awful game.


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