(Photo from the Inquirer)

I’ve been known to play pranks here and there on my buddies – I probably pulled a few too many while I was in college. You know, some of the typical stuff – offering a free coach in want ads with 2am-4am the only available time to call or sending a Playgirl subscription to someone’s house. There were probably a few things that were a little worse, but at this point I really can’t remember.

But we never broke any federal laws, unlike ballbag Kenneth W. Smith Jr., aka “George Michaels.” Smith thought it would be a great idea to call PHL and tell them that his estranged friend Christopher Shell had an explosive device on a Philly to Dallas flight.

Why? Smith, who had already stolen Shell’s girlfriend, was pissed that Shell had posted a compromising photo of her on Facebook. Social media is evil, kids.

Being that the flight had already taken off, it circled back to Philly. Shell was questioned by authorities, and upon learning the whole thing was a hoax, he was let go, and he arrived in Dallas without a hitch. Until he was arrested for outstanding warrants.

It should also be noted that it was Shell’s 29th birthday. I’m trying not to laugh, but I can’t help it.

From today’s Inquirer:

Smith was led into court this afternoon in green prison garb and handcuffs. He said nothing except to tell U.S. Magistrate Judge Henry Perkin he has no passports or guns, and works at Three Brothers Pizza & Pasta in Port Richmond.

The judge ruled Smith will be freed under $250,000 recognizance bond, but has to call the pretrial office daily, and submit to drug testing.



  1. BMS says:

    What’s ridiculous is that someone could have died. What if Shell moved in such a way that a police officer felt threatened and shot him?

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