Sixers co-owner Adam Aron’s Twitter personality can often to be compared to a college student on coke. He responds to almost anyone, retweets ridiculous questions and fake accounts, and has trouble sticking to the topic at hand.

Aron made an appearance tonight to mention the date change for the public address announcer tryouts, which is now on 09/20 so it doesn’t interfere with Yom Kippur. He fielded plenty of questions from those interested in trying out, those who want the tryouts cancelled so Matt Cord can be brought back (good idea), and folks who wanted Naughty By Nature to play the WFC at some point this season.

Someone also asked about the mascot, but if our choices are Hip Hop or one of these frightening things, I’d rather go without.

Here are some of my favorite responses:

Yes, that is THE Allen Chen. The one who landed the Mars Rover. He’s a Newtown/Washington Crossing native who’s done some brilliant work on Zoo With Roy.



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