Circa ten years ago, during the rush and the push of the “everything ’80s is new again” UK music scene, bands name-checking the likes of The Jam and Gang of Four were a dime-a-dozen. Some of them have, thankfully, been filed away at the very bottom of the dollar bin, while others, like Maximo Park, the Futureheads, and Franz Ferdinand, have had much more substantial careers.

Then there’s Bloc Party. Upon the release of Silent Alarm in 2005, they easily laid waste to all of their contemporaries. While others were merely referencing the angular post-punk of yesteryear via style-over-substance screeds, Bloc Party were more concerned with flipping that coin over to the other side with explorations of political and social issues. And yeah, the music was fucking awesome.

While their debut album went on to sell 350k in North America and over a million worldwide, the next two fell short of those marks despite packing the same musical punch. Whether needing a break from one other or simply a desire to explore other musical avenues, the band went on hiatus in 2009.

Lead singer Kele Okereke released a (not very good) solo album, Russell Lissack revived his side project Pin Me Down and joined the live lineup of Ash, and Gordon Moakes formed the group Young Legionnaire.

But now the band is back, seemingly refreshed and recharged. Four is their best work since the debut, and the band is touring all corners of the globe. And that includes a gig at the Trocadero tonight, and tickets are still available (it’s also worth noting that this show was moved from the much larger Tower Theater, which is not a good sign).


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