There are times when I am flipping through my CD collection (yes, I still have CDs) that I decide it’s time to revisit some of the local heroes from my high school and college days. Those Haywood and Apparatus Engine and Midiron Blast Shaft and Pilot Round the Sun albums are still real fucking nice. It’s like coming home.

And Philadelphia post-emo (or whatever genre you feel like calling them) group Everyone Everywhere makes me feel the same way. I don’t want to call them a nostalgia act – they’re most definitely not – because they couldn’t be doing what they’re doing it if weren’t for what happened in the past decade-plus and the brilliant ideas coming out of their noggins. But they have a knack for successfully combining much of what I love about indie music from the past 10-15 years to create instantly memorable tunes.

Their new album is out now (recorded in West Chester!) and they just came back from a rather massive and impressive European tour. To get to the bottom of all this stuff, I chatted with band member Matt Scottoline about the tour, hooking up with the high quality gents at Big Scary Monsters, and missing home.

SOP: Tell us about your new album and all of the sweat and tears and blood that went into it.

EE: The new record took us essentially a year to complete from the beginning of recording to release. Some of this had to do with the studio we recorded in (Noisy Little Critter) relocating. We also just spent a lot of time rehearsing the songs and making sure they were at 100% before we recorded them. We did cry a lot. That’s part of the process. No blood. Some sweat. We try and manage our hygiene at all times as best as possible.

SOP: How are you enjoying the European run so far? Any cool stories from the road you’d like to share? Anyone arrested yet?

EE: Having now returned (sorry we didn’t get back in time), it’s safe to say we all really enjoyed our time abroad on the tour. We managed to avoid any opportunity for arrest. The Ukrainian boarder was quite the experience. You haven’t lived until you’ve been scowled at by Ukrainian Military for hours on end. But other than that–and other normal tour stuff (sleeping in garbage, etc)– things went swimmingly.

SOP: How did the tour come about? It seems like a massive undertaking in both planning and execution.

EE: We were contacted by Guillome from Back from Outer Space Bookings, who had booked Euro-Tours for a few friend’s bands. Once we gave him a time frame, he set everything up for us. He’s incredibly talented, and managed to put together a really impressive tour.

SOP: Big Scary Monsters seems like the perfect home for you guys. How did you hook up with Kevin and his label?

EE: To be honest, he just e-mailed us. I suppose we were on his radar, again from friend’s bands, and he knew we had a record on the way. Because we were self-releasing at home, we were really greatful to have Kevin’s help with a release abroad. It was perfect! He’s a very nice guy, if we may schmooze here.

SOP: Shifting back home to Philly, what’s your impression of the local scene these days? Any particular clubs or bands you’ve had good experiences with lately?

EE: I don’t know how much we know about the scene itself. It seems to be doing alright. Bands play shows a lot. We have so many friends in Philadelphia, and are fortunate enough to be able to play a local show of some sort basically whenever we want to (I think, at least). There’s a lot of good stuff happening with house shows right now. I don’t know who should be “outed” or what the etiquette is with these things, but Dennis, Nick, Jake, and everyone else who is putting on fairly substantial DIY shows in their own and other’s homes are a gift to many bands.

SOP: What’s one thing you miss about home when you’re on the road?

EE: I think most of us miss our respective pets and families. Maybe wifi. The Rocky Statue. Normal stuff.


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