I wasn’t a baseball fan until I was 7 or 8, mostly because I wasn’t exposed to it. My dad has always been a football guy – he’s never cared much for any other sports.

Sometime around when I was 6 or 7 a bunch of us were messing around on a baseball field sometime during or after school, and my buddy James shouted out that he was going to imitate Mike Schmidt’s swing. Never heard the name, so I asked who he was.

Apparently he was the third baseman for the Phillies – a team I only heard about in passing on the news. My household was all Eagles up to that point (well, mostly me) and Joe Montana (my dad’s favorite), but after a few nice hits, I was hooked on baseball. And I still am today.

But that’s probably too much background on how the Schmitter was my first baseball idol, and it’s only tangentially related to this commercial.

Schmidt has appeared in a handful of commercials, including ones for Chevy and PRISM, but this one for 7 UP could potentially be the corniest. Keep an eye out at :23 for the bottle that launches straight up from home plate. If only they actually had that in the majors! Derek Lowe would probably abuse it though.


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