The good news about yesterday’s game is that it eventually ended.

I’m not really sure if there’s anything good to take away from this game. Brent Celek had a good catch. The defense looked pretty good in the second half. But everything else was trash. The play-calling, the offensive line (it sure was offensive, amirite?), anything and everything Vick did, and worst of all, the person who was supposed to be covering Larry Fitzgerald never got the memo.

It’s a good idea to leave the league’s best receiver wide open.

This was such a garbage game on so many levels. That’s why I had no problem going to a work function with my wife during the game.

Reflecting back on the two games leading up to yesterday, it’s easy to say that the Birds were a good team, especially with the win against the Ravens. But they’re not a good team, and in many ways, they beat themselves. More than anything in the NFL, turnovers kill. They dodged some bullets earlier in the season, but the Vick fumble as time was expiring in the second quarter was a kick in the fucking face. Going into the second half 17-7 would have been doable, but down 24-0 meant that they party was over.

Furthermore, the Cardinals are looking like they’re a very good team that was a quarterback who has finally turned the corner. Maybe we got rid of the wrong guy?

Going into the Giants game on Sunday night the Eagles have a long list of things to address. Play-calling and turnovers need to be at the top of the list. If this keeps up, it may be time for a certain big guy to go.


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