(Photo lovingly borrowed from Joe Hermitt/Patriot News, via Associated Press)

Just a slob like one of us?

While a New Yorker by birth and attorney/famous politician by trade, I’m pretty sure Ed Rendell harbors a desire to be one of the lunchpail, salt of the Earth crowd. Of course, we all know about his appearances for years on the Eagles post-game show, or that time that he maybe/probably/call me maybe threw a snowball at former Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson during a game at the Vet.

And don’t forget how he always has time to chime in during key situations with rivals, like last night’s Jayson Werth “fake throw” fiasco. This is one we won’t soon forget about (it will be forgotten in a few days). From Spike Eskin’s story:

Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell wasn’t buying Werth’s excuse, and provided his own thoughts on the former Phillies right fielder. “Well, it’s a seven letter word Angelo [Cataldi], and the first letter is “A” and the last letter is “E”!,” Rendell told 94WIP’s Angelo Cataldi and The WIP Morning Show on Thursday.

The word he is referring to is “asshole,” in case you’re confused. This type of wussy behavior won’t be tolerated.


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