(Photo courtesy of @dhm)

File this under things I hope no one ever says to me.

Odd Fellows on 12th & Spruce, which is under new ownership, is now named YOLO (“You only live once, guys!), making them a frontrunner for the worst name of a cafe in the Delaware Valley. I could hit random keys on my laptop and come up with a better name. To add insult to injury, YOLO is written on the storefront in the style of the Love Park sculpture.

I’d like to look at the full list of reasons why this is a terrible idea:

1. “YOLO” as a motto is generally pretty damn stupid, and the whole is overdone.
2. “YOLO” is grammatically incorrect. It should be “YLOO” or “you live only once.”
3. Drake sucks.
4. The whole “writing four letter words, especially ones with ‘o’ as the second letter, in the style of the Love Park sculpture” thing has got to go. Really. Enough.
5. Drake is terrible.

But the good news is that they’re hiring!


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