Jack in the Box, a fast food chain that is found primarily on the west coast, is well known for their commercials that often feature their founder, Jack, a humanized version of a jack-in-the-box. These ads are always memorable, and that attitude is displayed on their Twitter feed as well.

Their food can leave a lot to be desired, especially with this cheesesteak abomination. First, it’s on a sourdough bun, and we all know it’s the bread that makes the sandwich, and the only thing that a sourdough bun does is make our cheesesteak bad. It’s a hoagie roll or bust.

Furthermore, the chain’s commercial centering around this “melt” is terrible on so many levels. The accents, the mullets, and the total white trashiness of the characters. Surely we’ve never met anyone like this in the Delaware Valley!

At least they don’t call it a “Philly cheesesteak.”


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