It’s easy to think of England as a two city country when it comes to musical hotspots, but there’s more than just London and Manchester that regularly crank out quality bands. The best of these “other cities” is Leeds, which has a decades-long tradition of producing great bands across multiple genres, including revered names like the Wedding Present and the Mekons.

In the last eight or nine years this city has seen quite a rebirth, specifically centered around University of Leeds and the probably defunct label Dance to the Radio. The list is long, so maybe I’ll make a Spotify playlist or something soon.

This Many Boyfriends, whose sound is heavily in debt to bands like the Pastels, Orange Juice, and Beat Happening, release their debut album today. There’s even a bit of an influence seeping through from fellow Yorkshire group the Cribs. While I’m a little disappointed that half of the album is made up of their initial singles, it’s still exciting to hear what tweaks may have been made to the early songs, and probably most exciting of all, getting to listen to the brand new songs.

Although their sound clearly borrows from several indie heroes over the past few decades, it never feels like they’re trying to be someone else. All of those sounds they’ve crammed into their heads are coming out as pop nuggets borne of the C86 school, or at least what it would sound like filtering out of the north of England in 2012.

You can get the record from Angular Recording Co. or iTunes.

And the tune from Beat Happening that inspired their name.


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