Each Monday at noon during football season, we’re lucky enough to hear Andy Reid’s press conference. Win or lose, every week we hear the same thing. Better position to win, need to work harder, etc etc blah blah. It really is the same fucking thing every week.

Being that I live in Los Angeles, and leave for work at 9am, I’m lucky enough to listen on my way into the office. It really sets the tone for the day. Thanks, Tunein Radio!

Being that those “ebooks” accounts are all the rage, I got to thinking, “What if Andy Reid had his own ebooks account? What would he tweet?”

Wonder no more, everyone. My mind goes to some weird places.

“You can’t worry about all those things, … We’ve always said the next guy has to step up and that’s”

“we’ll evaluate everything in bye week need to position to win”

“I still think we have a good hardest working football team I know”

“I didn’t give the team the tools needed to turn the ball over less”

“good mix of plays we’ll try harder after the bye reevaluate”

“the defense had some problems and we’ll”

“Michael is my starting quarterback until”


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