Although technically, I guess this one came from the AP, so they’re the ones supplying the puns. Not the Inky.

A few days ago Dick Yuengling griped about the PA’s business climate and how he may want to move his beloved company from PA. Of course this was pushed to the extreme, and now people think that D.G. Yuengling & Son, America’s oldest brewery and greatest beer ever of all time, is moving to an as-yet-unknown business friendly state.

But I’m not gonna talk about moving or not moving. I wanna focus on the puns! It’s not often that the mainstream (lame stream!) media hits us over the head with all of these puns, so let’s enjoy this.

Or maybe they do, but either way, I found this really funny.

And pun barrage starts with the first sentence:

It’s enough to drive Pennsylvania economic development officials to drink.

Get it? Take the fizz out?

But are Pennsylvania’s economic policies really to blame for taking the fizz out of its business growth?

And of course, there’s the headline:

Bad news brewing? Yuengling mulls a move

It’s almost like the guys over at Yahoo! wrote this article.

But yeah, stay Yuengling, stay. Please.


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