Not a genre, a band.

Many years ago (more like three), Mancunian indie electro-oddballs Egyptian Hip Hop tossed more bloggy-blog hits at us than we could reasonably handle. With early volleys like “Rad Pitt” and “Moon Crooner,” you had to figure that the debut album was going to be great.

But something strange happened. The band didn’t exactly go dormant, but they stepped back a bit. Months turned into years, and many folks just assumed that the band had broken up. But then something even stranger happened earlier this year – the band finally announced the debut album along with a teaser, the track “SYH.”

As I sit here listening to Good Don’t Sleep (out today on R&S Records), I’m sort of glad that they waited this long for the record. Since the hype has died down a bit, there aren’t any sky-high expectations. The band can just go out, do their thing, and in a way, slip by under the radar. Good for them, because this record is fucking fantastic.

You can stream the entire album now on


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