The St. Louis Cardinals, last year’s World Series champions, were dumped by the Giants in a (not so) thrilling game 7 two nights ago. And the Cardinals fanbase took it with class and maturity…or most of them did.

One look at the Twitter account @BestFansStLouis, and you’ll quickly realize that these really aren’t “baseball’s best fans” and that St. Louis isn’t “Baseball Heaven” like Scott Rolen once so famously declared. There are actually some pretty reprehensible people among the Cardinals fanbase, whose frustrations are usually tied back to someone being a “faggot,” “pussy,” or some random racial slur. One “creative” tweet I saw stated that “SF” stood for “super fags” and not “San Francisco.” Good one.

It surely doesn’t have anything to do with someone having a bad game or the other team playing better!

This account has easily been the best part of the postseason so far (except the baseball, of course)

As we all know, every team has ballbags like this as fans, and furthermore, the whole media narrative of the Cards having the “best fans” is utter bullshit. Their fans are no worse or no better than ones rooting for other teams. Sorry guys, you’re just not that special.

Among all of the retweets from @BestFansStLouis, I found a guy who made some particularly appalling comments – future lawyer Josh T. For starters, don’t most law students and attorneys lock their accounts? And beyond that, there’s your run-of-the-mill latent sexism on display, and of course, racism! But don’t worry, it’s ok, some of his best friends are black/Latino.

And more!

And I’ll leave you with this

Congratulations on your future disbarment.


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