(Photo lovingly borrowed from @sbnation)

I’ve admittedly been a little distracted writing this post. The game on the TV, you know the whole nationally-televised Monday Night Football jawn that I’ll talk to co-workers about tomorrow, is somewhere between a disaster and an embarrassment. By this point we’ve sort of come to the conclusion that this season’s Eagles are garbage, but acknowledging a fiery crash on the highway doesn’t make it any less ugly.

The Saints have more touchdowns from within their own 20 (the red zone) as do the Eagles. Fumbles, interceptions, ineptitude, etc.

The already garbage offensive line lost its last good component tonight when Todd Herremans was helped off the field in the first quarter. It’s a shitty way to celebrate one’s 100th straight start. Tackle Demetress Bell replaced him. Guess how that ended up? And this only exacerbated the terrible play of Vick.

Plus there was the clownery of Riley Cooper (above), who was laying down in the endzone. Wow, what trickery!

Tonight’s bright spot? LeSean McCoy! And the tweets of Marcus Vick:

This one is pretty funny.


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