I haven’t seen Johnny Foreigner in years – maybe the last time was at the Great Escape in England in 2009. The last time in America? Maybe 2008. I’m getting the dates all confused right now.

But anyway, the band released their third album last year about this time, and it was quite the return to form. It’s not that the second album wasn’t that good, it’s just that it was missing something, which I still can’t quite put my finger on. It’s almost like they weren’t totally themselves when they put that record together.

The newest album, Johnny Foreigner vs. Everything, is a playful, noisy, post-punk gem. It’s almost a record I’d expect an American band to make.

The band is currently back in the US playing gigs on the East Coast and Midwest. Last night they played The Fire. I hope you went, as I did a terrible job informing you. Tuesday night they’re in New York at the Glasslands Gallery. Hope they enjoy being in America while the election craziness is going down.

The rest of the dates are here. And a new single is out now on their US label, Swerp Records.

And onto the music. First video is from the new record, the rest are “oldies,” including the iconic and absolutely brilliant “Salt, Peppa, and Spinderella.”


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