The 3-5 Eagles welcome the 3-5 Cowboys to the Linc for a mesmerizing matchup between two underachieving and uninspiring football teams. But one only needs to look at the entire NFC East to know that the uninspired bug has bitten every team.

From Daily News reporter William Bender:

And then there’s this, courtesy of ESPN’s Sports Center Twitter:

So this is Dallas Week, huh? I can’t remember things being this quiet and ho-hum during Dallas Week in a very long time, and definitely not in the Andy Reid era. But it’s hard to stay excited about a team that keeps repeating dumb mistakes and looks like garbage each week on the field. And that doesn’t have anything to do with what type of fan someone is.

Does Andy need to go? What if the Eagles finish 9-7, or better? What if they somehow back into the playoffs and make the Super Bowl (unlikely, I know)?

As a former Andy Reid supporter – and one of the most vocal – he needs to go, at least from the sidelines. And so do most of the players, outside of guys like LeSean McCoy, Brent Celek, and some others. Very few guys should be a lock to stay.

Who’s the next head coach? I haven’t the faintest idea, but I am not a Gruden fan.

The game starts in an hour, so get your barf bags ready. If anything, the Eagles may suck this season (and probably next season, too), but at least that jitbag you went to high school with who’s still a Cowboys bandwagoner is also suffering.

Until the Eagles reel off a few good wins in a row, this is what we’re looking at – a shitty team whose season is essentially over.


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