Mostly because I’m insane, I tried to put together a list of all of my favorite videos of the year.

I had to stop after awhile – I didn’t have time to go through all of them, so this post will be the first chapter. There may be another, there may be five more…or this may be the only one.

Below are two from the oft-discussed FOE and Blood Red Shoes, “The Black Lodge” and “In Time To Voices,” respectively. Above is a clip from the Megaphonic Thrift, whose second album is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Plus there’s some nice looking girls in it, guys.

Read on for some new music and key time-wasting tips.

I absolutely love this song – short, to the point, no bullshit, and a simple/memorable video.

This Many Boyfriends
What I love about this clip is that it reminds me of hanging out in England – either milling about coffee shops and pubs in Leeds or strolling around the seaside in Brighton. Sometimes a small budget can go a long way.

Let’s Buy Happiness
I’m very interested in a date with the lead singer.

Post War Years
This clip from the spring is one hell of a return for the band, not that they were gone for awhile or anything, but they’re definitely being smart about the lead up to their second album. This track was a great way to kick things off. A new EP called The Bell was just released (UK only).


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