(Tuesday 11/27/12 Daily News front page, as shared by @BoopStats)

Beating a dead horse seems to be the best way to describe the Eagles right now. I know they’re bad, you know they’re bad, and the team probably knows they’re bad. And while each loss may be awful, the team seems to eclipse it the following week with an even shittier performance. Congrats, Eagles, you managed to look fucking terrible against the Panthers, who are really bad.

The “Eagles are a terrible team” horse was beat once again. We get it, we really do.

This is a bad I haven’t seen in a long time, maybe not since my early college days (late ’90s). While the injuries to key players like Vick, McCoy, and now DeSean are largely unpredictable (well not with Vick), but everything else is not. Andy Reid, who is always looking to put his players in a position to win, has seen almost nothing go right.

I don’t have a mole in the locker room or anything, but it seems like a lot of these guys quit. Whether they quit on Reid or their teammates is debatable, but their head coach is the most successful guy who has ever led the Eagles (a fact), and it sucks that he’s going to go out like this. Because he will more than likely be packing those boxes up soon, whether it’s at the end of the season or tomorrow morning.

To end with some good news: Foles didn’t look that bad, and Bryce Brown had a great night despite his bouts with coughing up the ball. And Vinny Curry looked like he was having a fucking blast on the field. It’s these little things that we’re going to need to hold onto for the next five games because it’s going to be a slow, miserable trudge.

Finally, Jon Gruden isn’t going to be the next Eagles head coach, nor is he even a good candidate. Did you 542 people who voted for him even listen to what came out of his mouth on MNF? He’ll have plenty of other (likely better) options anyway.


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