1. dannybauder
    I think @JimFKenney tweeting Goodfellas quotes makes him the early front runner for 2015. Your move, @Green4Philly
  2. Green4Philly
    In reply to @dannybauder , @jimfkenney glorifying movies with excessive violence and chauvinism is a qualification for what?
  3. dannybauder
    @Green4Philly @jimfkenney well, considering the current administration is devoid of humor, I’d like to see some personality in the next one
  4. Green4Philly
    .@dannybauder , @jimkenney humorous?? #angry Mayor Nutter represents our city well. It is action and substance we need next, not laughs
  5. dannybauder
    @Green4Philly @jimkenney yeesh councilman, you need to lighten up it’s just some BS on twitter, not the BPT we’re talking about
  6. JimFKenney
    @Green4Philly Bert and Ernie are extremely substantive. I like The Count better!
  7. Green4Philly
    .@dannybauder @jimkenney, I’ll try to avoid BS, even on twitter πŸ™‚
  8. Green4Philly
    .@JimFKenney difficult to focus on substantive tax changes, glad @bobbyhenon and I could come up with something you can wrap ur head around
  9. JimFKenney
    @Green4Philly Cookie Monster is pretty cool too. But my lesser known characters are Dr Bunsen and Mr Beaker. I love them!
  10. Green4Philly
    .@JimFKenney rubber ducky, he’s the one! He wants to eliminate the net income tax and create jobs.
  11. Green4Philly
    Would u be so negative and angry if it did? β€œ@JimFKenney: Did Pa recently legalize weed?”
  12. Green4Philly
    β€œ@JimFKenney: Go to bed William.” Jim: I don’t tell you not to waste $30k of city money to pay for contractor to tweet, don’t tell me . . .
  13. adambonin
    Amused to see @Green4Philly @JimFKenney having nothing better to do on a Friday night than spar online. #ofcourseIamwatching #isit2015yet
  14. Green4Philly
    .@adambonin @jimfkenney I am glad we could entertain u, I don’t like to think of Kenney in bed tweeting me, I may not get over it
  15. Green4Philly
    β€œ@JimFKenney: Time for Golden Slumbers. Sweet dreams Fountlaroy.” Not sure what you mean by Fountlaroy? my maker not in jail
  16. JimFKenney
    @Green4Philly My makers are a retired PFD Battalion Chief and a working mom. They are in a retirement community that they earned, Richard.
  17. Green4Philly
    .@JimFKenney they sound like wonderful people! What happened? #inthebunkerwhenallwentdown
  18. Green4Philly
    .@jimkenney U were making implications re: mine. U never want to engage on substance but don’t like result. Trying to engage on ur level
  19. RiaLafrancois
    RT @Michael_Mackin: @JimFKenney @Green4Philly I suggest u guys call off the cat fight on social media guys. Just sayin
  20. Michael_Mackin
    @JimFKenney @Green4Philly I suggest u guys call off the cat fight on social media guys. Just sayin
  21. Green4Philly
    .@Michael_Mackin @jimfkenney better here than elsewhere, but I’ll call it a night

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