TOP 20 ALBUMS OF 2012: better late than never

Being that it’s already January and I’m about to start another semester at grad school, I had better pump this list out now. It was originally intended as a two-part deal with full reviews for each record…but now it’s going to be a list with some random words thrown in here and there.

Honorable mentions: Jessie Ware, St. Gregory Orange, Tigercats, Clock Opera, Sinkane, Shrag, The Maccabees, Maribel, Exlovers, Egyptian Hip Hop

And the top 20…

20. Lone Wolf / The Lovers

19. The Megaphonic Thrift / The Megaphonic Thrift

18. Django Django / Django Django

17. Cheers Elephant/ Like Wind Blows Fire

16. The Evens / The Odds

15. The Cribs / In The Belly Of The Brazen Bull

14. Ellen & the Escapades / All The Crooked Scenes

13. Mi Mye / The Time & The Lonelyness

12. Allo Darlin’ / Europe

11. My Tiger My Timing / Celeste

10. Bloc Party / Four

09. This Many Boyfriends / This Many Boyfriends

08. Nike & the Dove / Instinct

07. Alt-J / An Awesome Wave

06. Honour Before Glory / This Is Broken Lines
Whiskas, formerly of Forward, Russia!, continues to be awesome, albeit with a little less volume and energy.

05. Pulled Apart By Horses / Tough Love
Screamy post-hardcore with top-notch songwriting. They’ve perfected the blueprint they established on their first album.

04. The Crookes / Hold Fast
These guys are real working class heroes. I never imagined that they had this kind of record in them. Music is full of surprises.

03. Saint Etienne / Words & Music By Saint Etienne
A return to form for this veteran band. Their best album since 2001’s Finisterre and almost as good as the seminal Tiger Bay.

02. FOE / Bad Dream Hotline
Ask me tomorrow and this could be my favorite record of the year – #1 and #2 are that close. While Hannah Clark (Arthur, Hannah Shark) is a talent in her own right, the Entrepreneurs (Adam Crisp) production work on this record really sealed the deal.

01. Blood Red Shoes / In Time To Voices
One of the best bands on the planet right now. And they keep getting better with every album.


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