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I’d like to see this nutty guy in the majors at some point.

2013 Philadelphia Phillies Photo Day



These keep me sane while I’m studying for finals. Translation: I know I’m okay because I would never agree with any of this.

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I’m pretty sure these Phillies fans are serious. Thanks to @hiphop_jorge for bringing these to my attention.

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Last night was time to say goodbye to CBP for the season. Some of us were sad, some of us were overjoyed, and others were drunk – like Jonathan Papelbon.

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Although the Phillies still have a shot to make the playoffs, that shot should be filed under the “snowball’s chance in hell” category. Just win the next six games with the Cardinals losing the next six. Easy!

While Philly led the majors once again in attendance this year, they gave the home fans a shitty going away gift with a 7-3 loss. It brought them to 40-41 for their first losing season at home since 2000. A lot has changed since then, including the entire team except for Jimmy Rollins. Who were some of the other guys on that team? How about Tomas Perez, Desi Relaford (who has yet to respond to me on Twitter), Rob Ducey, Kevin Sefcik, and Rico Brogna, among many other gems. Also, Bruce Chen.

The good stuff tonight? Darin Ruf is now 5-for-12 as a major leaguer, including a first inning bases-clearing double (video below). It’s way too small of a sample size to make any kind of judgements, but with the Phillies out of it, there’s no reason he shouldn’t get another 10-15 at-bats to close out the season. Phillippe Aumont pitched pretty well, too.

See you guys on the road.

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Although the Phils aren’t mathematically eliminated, they are logically eliminated. Despite all of this, tonight’s game was still a fun one to watch. Cole got his 16th win, and we saw two big bombs from some of the young guys.

To tie the game at 1, Double-A sensation Darin Ruf worked a full count and then launched his first MLB home run (also his first MLB hit). It was his 40th professional HR of the year.

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And the silent treatment he received was epic, lasting until the end of the inning – a full three at-bats.

Not to be outdone, Domonic Brown destroyed another baseball.

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I wasn’t a baseball fan until I was 7 or 8, mostly because I wasn’t exposed to it. My dad has always been a football guy – he’s never cared much for any other sports.

Sometime around when I was 6 or 7 a bunch of us were messing around on a baseball field sometime during or after school, and my buddy James shouted out that he was going to imitate Mike Schmidt’s swing. Never heard the name, so I asked who he was.

Apparently he was the third baseman for the Phillies – a team I only heard about in passing on the news. My household was all Eagles up to that point (well, mostly me) and Joe Montana (my dad’s favorite), but after a few nice hits, I was hooked on baseball. And I still am today.

But that’s probably too much background on how the Schmitter was my first baseball idol, and it’s only tangentially related to this commercial.

Schmidt has appeared in a handful of commercials, including ones for Chevy and PRISM, but this one for 7 UP could potentially be the corniest. Keep an eye out at :23 for the bottle that launches straight up from home plate. If only they actually had that in the majors! Derek Lowe would probably abuse it though.


Despite the Phillies win tonight, they still sit at 4 games out of the second wild card to the Cardinals.

But it could have been worse.

With two outs in the top of the 9th and the score 2-1 in favor of the Mets, Chase had just taken first on a walk, and Ryan Howard came to bat against a lefty. This is an automatic out, right?

Not this time. Ryan wowed us all with this second deck home run.

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