School, work, and real life has been a bit of a drag so far in 2013. Not a drag in a bad way or anything, it’s just that things are busy and time for fun is at an extreme minimum. But I did want to clear a bit of dust from the SOP blog and roll out some tunes from last year that I missed highlighting.

And maybe I’ll get to sports some time soon because there’s so much to talk about. Chip Kelly! (??) The Flyers are back…and I think I’m excited. Bynum and his knees may be playing in some games soon, and Jrue Holiday has been going off. And big thumbs down to Delmon Young joining the Phillies, but it’s real cool that Chad Durbin is back.

But here’s the music. And I promise, the next music post will talk about this year.

The second album from Kendrick Lamar, good kid, m.A.A.d city, was never at the top of my list to check out. When I decided to buy it, I saw that Drake was on a track, so I thought it was best to put it back and just forget about it. But I came back to the record (minus the Wheelchair Jimmy spot) and loved it. It’s not often that I dig hip-hop from Los Angeles, but Lamar has made one hell of an album.

Also, KL looked good on SNL, including this bit with the Lonely Island.

When I first heard this track – the first single off the third album from Foals (out on Feb. 11th), I thought it was Filter or some ’90s band. Most of the mathy-tension is gone and it really doesn’t seem like the same band. Is this artistic growth? I guess so. Either way, it’s an awesome song.

Philly rapper Swiper put out this awesome mixtape called Stupid Genius that totally flew under my radar last year. It’s reminds me of some of the fun (yet not too goofy) stuff from the ’90s.

Download the mixtape for free here.

I missed this single when it came out, which is a shame because AlunaGeorge has already established a remarkable reputation for quality. Their debut album is out in June.

Another Philly guy. GrandeMarshall was just signed to Fool’s Gold and released the awesome 800 mixtape last year. Expect an album this year…and if you’re looking to throw him some support, get the new Fool’s Gold sampler off of iTunes (featuring the track “Kelly Green,” which is in honor of @cranekicker’s petition to Jeff Lurie).



If a meme really is needed regarding Andrew Bynum while he’s out with his various injuries, I’d rather it involve his hair. I just don’t want to be reminded about his knees.

Oh god, the knees.

But please, Andrew, when you hit the court again, keep the hair.

The Sixers defeated the Jazz last night to up their record to 5-4 on the season.


Yes, those Pistons who came into Philly with no wins. As in they hadn’t won a game yet this season. What a fucking terrible night.

But the most pressing question is this: what the fuck is up with Andrew Bynum’s hair?

Bring back the ‘fro.


I like Lavoy Allen. He seems like a good kid, a hard worker, and all of that. And he has a pretty funny Instagram feed. I’m not sure if he’s intentionally trying to be goofy, or if this is just his sense of humor, but either way, it makes him one of the better pro athlete follows.

The Sixers are currently laying an egg at MSG.

Two recent gems:

I’m loving Andrew Bynum’s hair. Makes for a better meme than “Andrew Bynum’s knees.”



It looks like the Sixers were part of a four-team blockbuster trade that will bring Andrew Bynum in from the Lakers and send Andre Iguodala to the Nuggets. I’m not really here to talk about the trade and what it all means and all that right now. If you’d like to read up on that, check out John Finger’s excellent article on And tell him your favorite Jawbox song in the comments section.

Andre Iguodala has had quite the career in Philly. He was never the guy with a quick quote or who wore his heart on his sleeve like the other AI, but the guy worked hard, played hard, and was one fuck of a defender. Denver is getting a good player. He was never a centerpiece, although initially he was cast as such.

I’ve always been an Iggy supporter – his defense was one of the reasons why this past season’s Sixers squad was so fun to watch. When the Sixers faced the Bulls at the WFC for the closeout game in round 1 of the playoffs, I was overjoyed to see Iggy come up big. It was one of my favorite Sixers moments since the 2001 run. In case you’ve forgotten, here’s the clip again, three months to the day.

But now it’s the Bynum era, so let’s hope he stays healthy and keeps his attitude in check, because he has the potential to be the best Sixer since Iverson. Or as Paul Jolovitz said at least 50 times tonight on WIP, Bynum could very well be the Batman that the team needs.

I think it’s only appropriate that Boyz II Men play us out…