As a fan of bands from all over, Filter’s Culture Collide fest seems like an event tailored to me. Over four days, a diverse selection of international up-and-comers play gigs throughout venues in the neighborhoods of Echo Park and Silver Lake. Some of the acts are big enough to anchor their own tours – like The Wombats and Of Montreal, and others have barely been noticed outside of their home countries, like Coldair (Poland) and The Moog (Hungary).

But that’s why fests like these are great. You drop a nominal amount of money (in this case it’s $20) and get to see as much music as you like, with well-known acts sandwiched together with obscure names.

In years past Culture Collide has brought some of my favorite international bands to the west coast, including Hello Saferide (Sweden), Harrys Gym (Norway), Casiokids (Norway), De Staat (the Netherlands), and For a Minor Reflection (Iceland). This year’s lineup (the third one, I think) is the probably the best one yet, featuring Moss (the Netherlands), Go Back to the Zoo (the Netherlands), Niki & the Dove (Sweden), The Wombats (UK), and Blood Red Shoes (UK).

Here’s the full schedule.

While the fest has gotten better over the years, it could use some improvement, namely with the amount of bands playing from Mexico and other Latin American countries. With the glut of quality indie bands coming from south of the border, as well as the city’s high Latino population, this would seem like a no-brainer. Oh, and also the fact that Filter has a Mexican-focused site.

Today’s (err, um, tonight’s, since this post is really, really late) 5 are those bands that I’m most excited to see, one of which was amazing just last night in Santa Ana.

Blood Red Shoes play Thursday at 10:30pm (Taix Champagne Room).

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