(Photo by the genius Sean Conroy)

Before we look back at the music of 2012, I’m going to drop a few of these jawns to look ahead at some of the music I’m anticipating in the year ahead. This may not be the best way to prioritize, but fuck it, it’s my blog.

The year is 2012, it’s now.

I do a lot of driving each week. It’s roughly 45 miles between my apartment and school. It’s about half that to work. On the high end, I probably do about 400 miles of driving per week.

A positive byproduct of these hours behind the wheel is that I have a lot of time with my iPod and its 100+ mixes. While on my 2012 mix last week, a few Runaround Kids tracks popped up, so I switched over and listened to a few tracks on shuffle before playing Linked Arms from start to finish.

When that record came out late last year I missed the boat on it, deciding to give it a pass because of my lukewarm response to the band’s first two EPs. While they had their moments, the songs never struck a nerve with me, and furthermore, both releases sounded like they were recorded in a tin can.

It was until after I heard “Can’t Lose Lover” on an Audio Antihero compilation that I decided to give Linked Arms a try. And I was blown the fuck away. It seems that the band now had a proper recording budget, but importantly, their songwriting had taken a massive step forward. I may skip a track here and there at times, but this is an amazing album from top to bottom.

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